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Yukon winters bring incredibly cold temperatures. They also have another unfortunate feature: frequent power failures. These mean you can't always retreat into the warmth of your home for protection. Without power, you'll have to rely on blankets and housemates to keep warm with heating in Fort McPherson and Fort Nelson heating.

However, if you purchase propane fireplaces or furnaces in Inuvik from Fred's Plumbing & Heating, you won't have to worry about heating your home when the power goes out. As long as you have a full propane tank, our products and services will help you maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. We also offer furnace repair in Whitehorse, Yukon to ensure your furnace or fireplace stays in working condition during the winter.

Count on Our Products
We carry the finest fireplace and furnace products because we know you rely on heating equipment to survive the intense northern winters.

You can use a gas fireplace as a backup when the power won't come on and the furnace won't work. We carry indoor and outdoor fireplaces so you can stay warm no matter where you go. Choose from a variety of decorative, efficient, and cost-effective fireplaces from brands like:

We also carry heating products from Rinnai®.

Each fireplace uses energy efficiently and produces a realistic-looking fire. They come on without your having to turn them on, and they'll keep your home at the temperature you set it at until your propane runs out.

We also sell Valor® propane furnaces to give you an extra protective layer against the cold. However, no matter what model or brand you already own, we can provide fast furnace repair in Whitehorse, Yukon.

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To learn more about how we can help you defend your home against the cold, give us a call at 867-667-6441. We also invite you to visit our showroom in Whitehorse of heating products to see our selection for yourself.

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